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The “Aha” Moment

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Clikxmed_Hearing Loss.png

On a humanitarian medical mission to rural Cambodia, the need for CLiKX   became clear. With just local anesthesia, Lynne was able to remove neck lumps for children who were awake. However, for the multitude of disadvantaged kids who had otitis media with hearing loss, she could not help with ventilation tube surgery. Without the surgical microscope nor general anesthesia, ear tubes could not be inserted. It was a heartbreaking. 

Back in Singapore, Lynne saw her young daughter getting her ears pierced for ear-rings. With a click of a handheld device, the ear piercing was done. That kick-started a decade of work on CLiKX   

Lynne’s dream is to put a CLiKX   in her pocket, trek the world and insert ear tubes for all the little ones that need them.




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