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Our Company

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The Name

  • Pronounced as “Noos - Q”.

  • In Greek classical philosophy, “nous” is the faculty of the human mind necessary for the understanding what is true. “NousQ” symbolises vision, mastery and heart.

  • The “Q” is our relentless quest to meet the real needs of patients the world over.

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Our Company

  • NousQ Pte Ltd is a Singapore start-up company that pivoted in July 2021 to design, develop, manufacture and commercialise medical technology and devices for patients.

  • Prior to that, CLiKX    was developed with over SGD 5 million in competitive research grant funding from Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR) and National Research Foundation of Singapore. Host institutions were the National University of Singapore and SG Innovate.

  • NousQ aims to provide patient-centric medical solutions that patients really want and need.

  • We aspire not only to innovate to optimize healthcare delivery for existing patients, but also to meet the needs of the many millions of patients who cannot access care currently.

  • With valued stakeholders we partner for a robust and sustainable enterprise, we want to give hope to patients all over the world.

  • The company closed its Seed Round of funding of over USD 1.2 million in Oct 2021.

  • First-in-man pilot clinical trial has commenced in 2022 in Singapore.

  • The company is raising its Pre-Series A round of funding currently. Please enquire with us.


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Our Logo

  • The 3 circles represent our team, our patients and our partners.

  • The 3 circles are also a nod to our first product CLiKX   , the ventilation tube and the ear drum.

  • The short line shouts, “All together now!”


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