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So Every Child
The World Over
Hears Their Clicks Again

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This video shows how the patient experience may be totally transformed for the better with CLiKX. 

This video introduces glue ear (otitis media effusion), the current surgery, and the CLiKX novel solution.

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About CLiKX


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CLiKX   is a play on the word “clicks”. The founder’s brief to engineers she was working with at the start, was that the ventilation tube insertion surgery should be performed with a simple click of a button, and in the short time it takes to say “click”.

CLiKX   is the world’s first robotic, automated and sensor-controlled hand-held applicator that will revolutionize ventilation ear tube surgery for otitis media with effusion. Unlike current surgeries, CLiKX   aims to do away with general anesthesia and the surgical microscope, moving surgeries out of the operating room to an outpatient setting like a clinic.





For Patients

  • CLiKX    addresses the unmet needs of many millions of under-privileged children



For Parents, General Practitioners, Pediatricians

  • CLiKX    reduces the reluctance to give the go ahead for surgeries needing general anesthesia. Many are worried about impact on the developing brain, cardiorespiratory risk, and pre and post anesthesia traumatic stress behavior.

  • Some form of local anesthesia ear drop will still be required, although CLiKX can also be used for patients that are put under light sedation (moderate sedation) or general anesthesia. The types of appropriate anesthesia would be determined by the doctors upon assessing the patient suitability/ compliance if it is to be done under non-general anesthesia. For some children who are deemed to be challenging to cooperate/follow instruction or difficult to be restrained by caregiver and/or nurses, light sedation would be required. General anesthesia may be required in certain conditions where patients are deemed not suitable to accept either local anesthesia or light sedation.  


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For Ear Nose Throat (ENT) doctors

CLiKX    focuses on safety features that increases confidence and ease of use; uniquely enabled by sensor and automated algorithm.

  • Makes a precise atraumatic slit incision on the ear drum as with traditional surgery in the operating theatre, not a puncture hole.

  • Uses commercially available ventilation ear tubes with long history of safety and performance.

  • Uses a portable headlight with 1.5x or 2.5x magnification instead of the expensive and bulky microscope.



For Insurers, Hospitals, Health Ministries

  • CLiKX    moves the surgery out of the operating theatre to the clinic.


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